BoardMaps vs Boardable Board Management Software

BoardMaps vs Boardable Board Management Software is a tough choice. Both programs deserve attention and have extensive functionality. Based on the features of each of them, you can make your choice in favor of particular software.


This option is suitable for the board of commercial companies, it is convenient to use it for executive directors, corporate secretaries. The administrator can assign roles to restrict access to specific users.

There are all the necessary functions: meetings, documentation, signatures, voting.

You can use the program for the first time for free as a demo version to understand whether you need this application or not.

The software can be used from any device – it can be smartphones, tablets, computers. The computer uses the web version of the site.

The support service works around the clock, you can call or write to the chat. The cost is not disclosed, as it depends on the functionality chosen by you individually.

To train new users, BoardMaps offer live communication with the manager, documentation, live recordings online.

The app was developed in the United States in 2013.


A more modest, but no less functional option, which will be most interesting for non-profit organizations. This program is also available on all possible modern devices.

All functions are present: joint conferences, editing and signing documents, and so on. All functionality is focused on the features of the board in non-profit companies. As you know, in non-profit companies, each employee can become a member of the board.

Users also have access to a free trial, after which they can switch to a plan that is $79 per month.

The program was created in 2016 in the United States.

The strength is the integration of a large number of services: DropBox, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint.

To learn how to work with the application, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with training, videos, webinars, documentation. Personal training with a company manager is also possible.

Benefits of converting papers to electronic form

Physical freeing up space

When automating the workflow, the enterprise reduces the amount of space occupied by the operational and long-term storage of documents.

Reducing the cost of copying documents

Due to the introduction of electronic document management at the enterprise, the cost of maintaining office equipment and printing costs is significantly reduced.

Reducing the cost of shipping documents

Due to the introduction of electronic document management, there is no need for a courier service between branches, and transportation costs for the delivery of documents are reduced

Reducing labor costs for working with documents

There is a possibility of personnel optimization, by reducing the time spent on working with documents.

Reducing the volume of irretrievably lost documents

The possibility of physical removal of an individual document is lost, the loss of a document in the logistics process.

Increasing the speed of document delivery

By sending documents between branches electronically, unprecedented delivery times are achieved.

Ability to control document hierarchy

Due to the clear fixation of authorship and parental affiliation of documents, more transparent cataloging of documents is achieved.

Ability to monitor editing throughout the life of the document

The possibility of anonymous changes to the document is excluded

Quick document search

Even in the most extensive database, searching in electronic form takes much less time compared to traditional document management.